What do Madonna, Deepak, Amy Schumer and Heaven on Earth have in common?

What do Madonna, Deepak, Amy Schumer and Heaven on Earth have in common?

Pila Xian


You’ll Be Surprised – Keep Reading!

I’ve been keeping a secret – I’m partnering with a brand new concept Bright Live and I’m thrilled because I’ve been chosen as one
of their founding talents – by the way, there’s a waitlist of 1,500 people who would love to be where I am.

I’m so excited because that little idea I had to start my virtual facials is now launching globally!

Pila, What is a Virtual Facial?

I’m so glad you asked!

This particular Heaven on Earth virtual facial is going to be spa-quality, customized virtual facial led by yours truly. Get ready to get your gua sha on! In case you’ve missed the Instagram craze – gua sha – sounds like “gwa saa” is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that uses a stone to detoxify, sculpt and lift your face – for real! Your skin will be left feeling refreshed, refined, and lifted.

Your virtual facial includes a cleansing cloth, spa essentials, two cleansers, an exfoliator, toner, mask, serum, face massage oil, eye treatment, moisturizer, and of course, your very own gua sha stone. This is the facial that keeps on giving since you can give yourself a facial again and again and again.

Make sure you sign up by May 26 so that you can receive the Skinterview (skin analysis – get it?) so that I can personalize what is sent to you.

Normally you need a group of 4 to have a virtual facial – now you don’t! Jump on with me on June 5 at 4:00 Eastern | 1:00 Pacific to have your own skin rejuvenating facial experience with me and Bright Live.

Heaven on Earth offers virtual and in-spa facials. Please call or email to set up your own.

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