The Future of Skincare ... is Here

Take the guesswork out of what you need and receive personalized skin care advice and recommendations from the comfort of your home (or office, or car). Finally, say goodbye to wasted time, money, and frustration with your skin care routine. 

Don’t Leave Your Skincare Regimen To Chance

Nowadays, there's no end to the skin care advice out there, especially on social media and stores like Sephora. But how do you know who to trust? What about an expert esthetician? 

Meet Pila, Your Own Online Expert Esthetician

Why take chances with your skincare anymore? Pila is here to provide you with reliable guidance on how to achieve your best possible skin. As a licensed esthetician, Pila can thoroughly examine your skin type, concerns, and objectives to understand your skin goals. With her over 30 years of experience and expertise, you can be confident you'll receive a customized skincare regimen tailored especially for YOU!

What To Expect During Your 45-minute Virtual Skincare Consultation

Getting Started

  • Schedule your appointment and send Pila three photos of your face (facing forward, left, and right sides of your face). It's OK. I'll send you some tips on how to get the best images.  
  • Fill out my SKINtervew, a skin questionnaire. This helps determine your skin type, concerns, allergies, current routine, and goals.

The Consultation

  • Let's Zoom – We dive in and go in-depth about your skincare goals. Whether you want to get rid of acne, reduce wrinkles, need help with sun spots, or simply want a tune-up for the season - we'll uncover it all.
  • Know what you need –  Learn the exact ingredients and products you need to create a routine or fill in the gaps of your current routine to reach your skincare goals.
  • All your skincare questions answered – As an esthetician, all your questions, big or small, will be answered.
  • Learn how to take the best care of your skin – Get expert advice you can trust. No more guessing and no more crossing fingers that you're taking care of your skincare right. 

Get Ready to Glow

  • Get a detailed summary report with your recommendations. Know which ingredients and products you need. Your routine will be mapped out step-by-step.
  • Say yes to $100 credit - The Virtual Skincare Consultation is $150 and $100 of that is redeemable for your suggested skincare from the Heaven on Earth online store. 
  • Have a skincare BFFL - I'm here for you. Whether you need a pep talk or a product recommendation. Just call, text, or message me. I'll be there in a flash. I'm also known to check in regularly to ensure you're staying on track to achieve your skincare goals. I promise I'm here to help you every step of the way.

Cost For A 45-minute Virtual Skin Care Consultation

The 45-minute consultation is $150. At the end of your consultation, $100 will be applied as a credit towards purchasing any of your recommended skincare products. 

Accomplishing your skin goals requires a commitment to a dedicated skincare routine and protocol. To help you keep up the momentum, when you purchase three consultations for $450, you’ll receive a bonus cleanser with each order after the consultation.  

Book Your Virtual Consultation

Are you ready to save time, money and get the results from your daily skin care routine you’ve been looking for? Get your very own personalized skin care recommendations that are simple and effective, helping you achieve your skin goals. Don't wait another day to achieve the healthy, radiant, glowing skin you deserve – book your Virtual Skincare Consultation today.

Read more about my Online Skincare Consultation and their benefits.

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  • Pila is such a wealth of skincare knowledge. Her passion for her work is evident in everything she does. I am so thrilled I came across her Heaven on Earth virtual facial! It was a great way for our company to give its ladies a well-deserved treat during a time when having a group outing would otherwise have been nearly impossible. I loved learning the Gua Sha Techniques. I misplaced my stone for a couple of days and was so upset! LOL Thank you for being the innovator you are, Pila!

    Dede C.
  • What a great gift during these COVID times to have a girl’s virtual facial party! We had such a great time! Pila was wonderful, funny, sweet and so informative!!! The Heaven on Earth facial products were fabulous and my skin is feeling wonderful.

    Barb P.
  • I planned to do a zoom massage with Pila and Heaven on Earth as my Valentine’s Day present for my wife. It was a big hit! Pila was a great instructor. I will no longer give what my wife calls sarcastically, “the two-minute massage.” She looks forward to my massages now! They will last longer, my hands will hurt less, and the massage will be way better!

    Paul C.
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