Heaven on Earth shares what to wear in aspen so you don't look like a tourist when you're visiting.

What To Wear So You Don’t Look Like An Aspen Tourist

Pila Xian

Pila, the owner and operator of the Aspen Heaven on Earth Spa, advises what to wear so you don't look like an Aspen tourist. She also fills you in on what to wear (the supreme “Aspen Casual”) for your winter wardrobe in Aspen, so you won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Traveling to and having a holiday in Aspen is always exciting. But packing and dressing appropriately for the Aspen mountains can be challenging. You should know what to wear so you don’t look like an Aspen tourist.

How to style your beach or city wardrobe to winter mountain chic can be difficult. I remember my roommates in Hawaii teasing me that just because a top had long sleeves did not make it winter – okay, the sleeves were sheer.

Remember, When Figuring Out What to Wear in Aspen, Don’t Try Too Hard

The number 1 rule of dressing in Aspen is: don’t try too hard. Aspen’s dress code is “Aspen Casual.” That means you can dine at the 5-Star Little Nell’s Element 47 in jeans, or dress to the 9’s.

You definitely don’t want to wear all foil ski suits and moon boots. You also don’t need to buy that magnum of champagne to spray everyone. Be forewarned. If you do, you may see yourselves on the Microwaves of Aspen Instagram page.

Don’t Be Matchy

You don’t want to be a walking Gucci billboard, and you don’t want to look like you bought all your clothes at the same time or place. I made this mistake, too, when I first moved to Aspen, and it’s easy to do.

I moved from Hawaii and got to buy an entire winter wardrobe. How fun, right?  Mix it up though. Mix patterns, colors, and brands. Local skiers care more about staying warm and moving comfortably than showing off wearing the latest runway looks in the gondola line – although it can be tempting.

When I first moved here, I saw a lady dressed from head to toe in Dior, and I mean head to toe. From the earrings and hat to her coat, muff, and shoes!  She probably even had Dior underwear. (hehe). Remember, you don’t have to try too hard.

No Fur Please

In Aspen, fox sightings really do occur on trails and in the backcountry, but they shouldn’t make an appearance at your dinner reservation. Leave the fur out to not look like an Aspen tourist.

Save The Aspen Splashing for Home

Wearing your “Aspen” sweatshirt around town is a sure sign you’re a visiting tourist. Save it for when you’re at home, and you can show off. If you really want to wear it on the down low – get an 81611 (Aspen’s zip code) sweatshirt.

To get your one-of-a-kind upcycled Aspen or 81611 Sweatshirt, visit me at Heaven on Earth Aspen.

What To Wear in Aspen So You Don’t Look Like a Tourist

Okay, now that we have what not to wear out of the way, what should you wear so you don’t look like a tourist while in Aspen?…

Aspen Causal is a term we use because it perfectly balances comfort, style, and glamor.

Leggings and Loungewear Reign Supreme

All you need is a pair of leggings like you just came from yoga, Uggs, and a puffer coat to get you through your (window) shopping, spa day, and lunch.  Non-skiers like me don’t need a hot pink ski suit that will never see the slopes to fit in.

Wear The Hat

Here’s where you won’t be able to tell who’s local and who’s not. Locals and tourists alike are hat obsessed. Whether it’s a chic cowboy hat from the uber-cool Kemo Sabe, one from the local hat milliner, Susan Carrolan, or the knit cap with a pom-pom — hats are top of style here.

Duct Tape, The Perfect Accessory

You’re reading this correctly. Want to really look like a local? Add a little duct tape to your packing list. I know, I know, the horror of it. When I got my first pair of ski boots, hand-me-downs from a friend, they had duct tape over the bridge. I wanted to rip it off and was told to leave it. It keeps the feet dry, and it gives you a local edge.

Locals use duct tape to patch holes from down feathers poking out of their ski jackets. You can get super cute duct tape: plaids, Hello Kitty, and fun colors from Carls Pharmacy.

So Now You Know What to Wear in Aspen So You Won't look like the Aspen Tourist

So there you have it, Pila’s advice on what not to wear and what to wear while vacationing in Aspen. Following these guidelines will have you feeling confident, sporty, or chic whether you’re shopping, dining, up hilling at Aspen Snowmass, or even star-hunting. Be prepared for what happened to my guest and friend Monique; someone might ask where you work. The ultimate sign of blending in and not looking like a tourist.

And remember always to be yourself, even if this means dressing like a tourist every now and then. If I’m being honest, I still sometimes do! You really can get away with almost anything in our beautiful mountain town.

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