Virtual Facials by Heaven on Earth Featured in The Vegas Post!

Virtual Facials by Heaven on Earth Featured in The Vegas Post!

Pila Xian

Amongst the hustle and bustle of adapting to the new “norm,” Pila Xian of Heaven on Earth had the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat about her virtual facials with The Vegas Post, Las Vegas’ modern online publication covering the city’s most exciting news. Of course, due to social distancing and the 632 miles between Las Vegas and Aspen, Pila and The Vegas Post reporter, Daphne-Jayne Corrales, coordinated the virtual facials Question and Answer interview via Zoom and had such a wonderful time connecting.

A Quick Look into the Q&A!

Virtual Birthday Facial PartyOn August 25, 2020, the article titled “What are Virtual Facials? Q&A with Spa Owner of Heaven on Earth,” officially went live on The Vegas Post’s website and homepage. The conversational Q&A covered various topics within the esthetic’s industry and how Pila transitioned her business to cater to her clients. The article also gave more insight into Pila and Heaven on Earth’s online services such as virtual facials, Zoom parties, Yamuna body rolling group classes, and more.

Pila was also excited to speak on how clients can benefit more from a virtual facial than an in-person spa treatment. “While having a facial in the spa is probably more relaxing, the guest learns more about their skin and how to treat it successfully with the virtual facial [in their own time and space],” said Pila in The Vegas Post Q&A, “This is because it’s more hands-on, for them, and I give them so much information that they wouldn’t usually get.”

Inspired to Connect People and their Self-Care Routine

In the Q&A article, Pila also gave an exclusive sneak peek about her new launch for couples massage, virtually, of course. All in all, Pila is passionate to get people inspired about self-care and wellness. Whether it’s doing a group Yamuna Rolling Body class with your remote office team or a couples massage with your significant other, Pila is spreading the word about how to take care of your skin and body amongst this pandemic. While times are difficult to see our friends and colleagues in person, Pila at Heaven on Earth Spa is here to connect you with them, all while learning and relaxing to new ways to care for ourselves from the inside out.

Thank You, Daphne-Jayne Corrales and The Vegas Post!

Daphne-Jayne Corrales, Las Vegas Post.  Pila from Heaven on Earth SpaOn behalf of Pila and Heaven on Earth, we would like to give a huge thank you to Daphne-Jayne and The Vegas Post team for spreading new knowledge and insight to virtual facials and beauty industry’s shift in a COVID-world. Daphne-Jayne was such a joy to speak with and we appreciate her time to listen to Pila’s story and ideas.

In addition, we are grateful for today’s innovative technology (thank you Zoom!) for the ability to connect with one another across the nation and have this important conversation about the way people can self-care within this difficult pandemic. We wish The Vegas Post the very best in covering the news and events that deserve the spotlight to enlighten the public. Check out the article here!

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