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The Skin Script Peptide Eye Serum Gets Rid of Dark Circles

Pila Xian

The Skin Script Peptide Eye Serum is a godsend for late nights when you don’t get enough sleep. In general, I love Skin Script’s products because they are affordable but still super effective, and the Peptide Eye Serum is no exception.

I think we’ve all been there—late nights and lack of sleep are hard to avoid in our busy lives, making puffy eyes and dark circles a common problem, but there are other factors that can cause them too. Let’s look at all of the reasons discoloration form under the eyes to begin with.

Why Do Dark Circles Happen?

It’s no secret that lifestyle habits, good or bad, show up in your skin. Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of under eye circles, but there are other common causes as well:

  • inflammation
  • lack of circulation
  • thin skin so that the veins show through
  • toxins
  • allergies
  • hormonal changes

These factors can all cause puffy, dark bags to show up under the eye area. And sometimes they are just hereditary (geez, thanks Mom and Dad). Luckily, there is something you can do about them.

The Benefits of Using Peptides in your Eye Serum

The Skin Script Eye Serum wakes up your under-eye area. It contains caffeine, which stimulates circulation and detoxification needed to get rid of dark circles. It’s basically like drinking a cup of coffee, but for your skin.

This gentle, effective skin care product works to improve circulation and brighten discoloration under the eye. Using 3 different forms of peptides, This serum for eyes plumps the eye tissue, reduces inflammation, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful, awake appearance. You can use both at morning and at night to get the best results.

The Skin Script Peptide Eye Serum and other Skin Script skin care products are available in the Heaven on Earth online store.

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