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CBD Massage in Aspen – Heaven on Earth Just Got a Little Higher

Pila Xian

Heaven on Earth | A High Altitude Day Spa in Aspen, Co is the first spa in Aspen to incorporate cbd massage to their massage therapy menu. Taking into consideration cannabis’ ability to decrease inflammation, inhibit pain and help relieve stress I couldn’t wait to try it!

About Those Misconceptions About CBD Massage

Introducing Apothecanna Spa Treatment Collection, a cannabis cream. Let me start by saying I am not a pothead—never have been. Smoking weed always made me feel paranoid and anxious. When pot was legalized in Colorado, I wasn’t one to care much for all the hype, though I had plenty of friends who couldn’t book their plane tickets fast enough.

While it is odd to see “pot shops” popping up within Aspen’s chic downtown storefronts, legalized marijuana has become a normal part of every day life here in Aspen. Truth be told, it always was.

When Pila told me she had a new line of cbd creams to add to her for her massage therapy, I was more interested in the “massage” part of the equation than the cannabis. She explained the creams do not have the ingredient THC that gets you high but they do have a compound that delivers potent calming and anti-inflammatory benefits that are great for stress relief and pain. So no, it does not get you stoned. No, it does not get into your bloodstream, and no, you will not end up with a positive drug test you weren’t expecting.

About Apothecanna Cannabis Creams

Apothecanna is a Colorado-based manufacturer of topical cannabis massage lotions. The creams are designed to bring the benefits of cannabis to massage therapy with a focus on pain relief, inflammation, muscle relaxation and stress relief.

It’s funny: massage lotions and oils really are half the equation when it comes to massage therapy, yet we as clients are not given a choice; it’s up to the therapist. The type of oil or lotion can really impact your experience, particularly if there is a scent or a texture you’re sensitive to. I can’t stand oil or lotions that stick to my skin and leave me feeling covered in film afterwards. On the other hand, a heavenly-smelling luxurious cream can be downright heavenly.

Apothecanna creams are infused with aromatherapy and are lightweight and fast absorbing. Pila offers five different creams, each with different subtle but delicious scents. Pila used the Extra Strength Pain Creme, a double dose of cannabis and arnica for extra strength pain relief and the Calming Creme, a soothing blend of lavender and chamomile to relieve stress and calm the skin. I loved the smell and the feel of both creams. The scents were calming but gentle enough that I didn’t walk out of there wanting to jump in the shower as fast as I could.

What to Expect During A CBD Massage in Aspen

It just so happens I am 8 months pregnant and was beyond ecstatic for a prenatal massage. It’s a testament to my comfort level with the cannabis cream that it is 100% safe during pregnancy. Naturally, my lower back and hips are killing me from carrying this watermelon around. Pila is surprisingly strong. You would never know the massage was coming from this tiny little person. Her work is very deep and therapeutic. She has that sixth sense about what her clients need. You don’t really need to tell her—she just knows.

What I loved about her prenatal massage was she had me lie on each side, which is standard, but then she had me on my back (supported with pillows and knee bolsters), which is not. The Apothecanna creams not only felt delicious on my skin, they didn’t offend my extra-sensitive pregnancy nose. There was no tingling or burning or cooling sensation like you might experience with a pain relieving cream like Icy Hot, but I was so relaxed and pain free after the massage was over that I wished I didn’t have to drive home and could just continue to lie on my little cloud of relaxation and bliss.

I guess I was high in a way, but high in the best possible way. Pila's CBD massage in Aspen gave me a natural high, and a rare moment when—not to be cheesy, but—heaven really is here on earth.

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