A Letter from Your Body to You: Massage Benefits

A Letter from Your Body to You: Massage Benefits

Pila Xian

Hi there. It’s me, your body. I have something important to tell you.

I love massages. Seriously, nothing can beat that relaxed, floaty and euphoric feel. I know that you love them too, so you should get them more often. Hear me out—there are a lot of reasons why massages are good for me.

Stress relief is such a huge benefit from massage therapy. It pains me (quite literally) to see how stressed you get at work sometimes. A little stress is good, but too much can put me in a constant fight-or-flight response, distracting me from important daily functions like digestion or the ability to rest. That’s right, stress is probably what’s keeping us both up at night.

Just one massage session has been shown to lower heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels. That means that from a single hour, you and I both can feel happier and more energized. We’ll sleep better too. In fact, massages and healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand because of how well they relax me and relieve stress.

Ah yes, and we can’t forget that achy back we’ve had for a while. Day and night, I know it’s been bothering you. Such an ache can really impede on your life, but it’s okay because massages help relieve pain too. Sports injuries, headaches, muscle strains or tension can all be helped by massage.

Sometimes that achy feeling is actually from bad posture. When you sit at your computer too long and I start to slouch, I know we’re in for a rough time later. Even the smallest misalignment can be a lot of strain on our neck and back, but massage relaxes our muscles and resets them back to how they are supposed to feel and move. Consistent massage therapy helps keep me positioned and aligned, so I’ll naturally want to slump less.

One of my favorite massages to get is the Bahva body ritual from Heaven on Earth. Lemongrass and sweet orange invigorating body scrub is used to deeply detox and remove impurities, making me feel refreshed and new. Muscles and tension melt instantly from the heat of the poultice. I feel myself being nourished and restored by the Thai White Clay Body Mask while my scalp, neck and shoulders get massaged. The entire experience puts us in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind.

Basically, I love how I feel after a massage, plus the benefits are so worth it. So why don’t you go get one? We both deserve it. Call (970) 925-2278 or email Pila at heavenonearthaspen@gmail.com to set up an appointment for a Heaven on Earth massage.

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