Gua Sha Virtual Facials, The Hottest Trend In Skincare

Gua Sha Virtual Facials, The Hottest Trend In Skincare

Pila Xian

Heaven on Earth Aspen, luxury virtual facials are created to help keep your complexion healthy and glowing while getting to know your skin and the products to use through a trained esthetician  (that’s me, Pila) perspective. And all from the comfort of your own home!

Now you’ll be able to take your virtual facial experience to a whole new level with my Gua Sha virtual facials, the hottest 2022 trend in skincare!

While my facial Gua Sha is technically not new, they have been all the rage lately with celebrities, in the skincare realm, and of course, my spa. Which is why I wanted to make this facial available virtually, so everyone will have the opportunity to experience this Zoom-style home facial.

What Is A Gua Sha

Pronounced gwa sha. Gua means ‘scrape,’ and Sha means ‘petechiae’ (tiny, flat red, purple spots), which makes sense why
this Traditional Chinese Medicine technique involves scraping a quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes.

When many hear the word Gua Sha they may think of a massage, but this is way more than a facial massage. When used correctly, this luxurious facial can boost Chi (energy) circulation and  encourage lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce facial
puffiness, increase collagen, lift, sculpt, massage the face, and much more!

What Are The Benefits Of A Gua Sha Facial?

This facial treatment has many natural, effective anti-aging benefits; I like to call them my “Instant Lift Facials” as my
techniques will visibly firm and contour the face. Simply put, Heaven on Earth Gua Sha facial stimulates blood circulation
and promotes detoxification, which in turn relaxes those tense facial muscles that cause wrinkles to form-hence reducing
the signs of aging.

Look at everything my virtual gua sha facials can provide:

Botox Alternative

No one loves getting injections in their face—what they love are the results. And Gua Sha has been touted as the Eastern Botox or the Eastern Facelift as this skincare treatment is both needle and knife-free.

Unlike Botox, which freezes the aging process by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. Gua Sha opens the pathway between the muscle and nerves, clearing any blockage, removing toxins, promoting drainage of cellular waste, boosting blood circulation, oxygen, and vital fluids to your face, plumping the skin, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Visibly Lifts And Contours The Face

The Gua Sha movements allow for contouring the cheeks and jawline by boosting circulation and toned muscle, lifting your facial features.

Say Goodbye To Under-eye Injectables

Say good injectables, and under-eye puffiness since this treatment helps stimulate lymphatic drainage by releasing excess
fluids that can cause your under-eye area to look swollen or puffy.

Gua Sha Improves Circulation

Why is this important, and what does it have to do with anti-aging? With improved circulation, the Gua Sha skin treatment helps carry away toxins and congestion, leading to facial improvements, like a smoother complexion, reduction in fine lines, even speeding up acne’s healing process.

Your Gua Sha Journey To Younger-looking Skin Starts
With Heaven on Earth’s Virtual Facials

I look forward to welcoming you to Heaven on Earth’s virtual facial for a customized Gua Sha online skin treatment!

Virtual facial parties are one of the biggest trends in skin health treatments. My virtual facials are the unique and modern approach to a spa experience but within the comfort of your own home.

These virtual treatments are also the perfect way to virtually connect with your friends and co-workers in a fun, distinctive, and luxurious style.

So grab your entourage and book your party, whether a birthday, work event, bridal party or a significant upgrade to a Zoom or facetime happy hour. Heaven on Earth Day Spa has you covered when it comes to offering virtual facials!

Party Or One-On-One Virtual Skincare Experience

There are times when we need to unwind the clock! Sometimes this means an escape from family and friends, which is why I offer one-on-one Gua Sha facials. From a video call to virtual video consultations, I have you covered.

What Comes With A Gua Sha Virtual Facial Treatment

With expert guidance from a licensed esthetician, I can improve your skincare routine in a matter of one hour’s time!

All skin types can benefit from a Gua Sha facial. And if you have a specific skin concern you want to address, I can customize your treatment accordingly.


Gua Sha Facial, Heaven On Earth, Aspen
As seen in - Heaven on Earth, Aspen

Choose Your Online Virtual Gua Sha Facial Lift
Party Or One-On-One?

The Gua Sha Virtual Facial Lift

Heaven on Earth’s 45-Minute Gua Sha Facial Lift is designed to teach you how to visibly firm, lift and contour the face,
using a Gua Sha Stone in the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits Of A Gua Sha Facial Lift

• Promotes lymphatic drainage
• Reduces puffiness and fluid buildup
• Aids in circulation to give skin a glow
• Lifts and contours the face

What You Will Learn In This Gua Sha Virtual Facial

• A complete understanding of the sweeping directional movement of the Gua Sha tool
• How to apply the proper pressure to gently move lymphatic drainage
• My top 3 essential tips to get the best results from using a Gua Sha

The Gua Sha Virtual Facial Lift Party

Each Participant Receives:

  • 45-minute Gua Sha Class
  • Show your skin some “Love” with a high-quality Rose Quartz, known as the “Love Stone” This pink-hued stone resembles a
    heart shape and contours to your face
  • Green Envee Vahati Herb Infused Healing Oil 4 oz bottle – an infused healing oil for stimulating collagen production,
    diminishing the appearance of scars, and locking in moisture
  • A video replay of the party so that you can give yourself an at-home Gua Sha facial anytime
  • Your personal cheat sheet you can use at home

Party – Minimum of 4 participants
$100 per person
One-On-One $225

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