Botched Botox: Causes And Heaven On Earth’s Treatment Options For Droopy Eye

Botched Botox: Causes And Heaven On Earth’s Treatment Options For Droopy Eye

Pila Xian

Botched Botox: Causes And Treatment Options For Droopy Eye From Heaven On Earth Aspen

Botched Botox, not two words we want to hear, or experience for that matter. Take it from Whitney Buha, who has been all over social media, even the Today’s Show regarding exactly this “Botox Gone Bad” or the medical term Ptosis, one of the most common side effects of botulinum toxin type A injection (Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, etc.).

While eyelid Ptosis only occurs in up to 5% of patients, I can only imagine how many people wonder “if this happens to me, is there something I can do Pila, about a droopy eye or droopy eyebrow due to Botox?” “What are the causes?” “How long does it last?”, and more! Well, no worries, as I am here to provide you with some tips to say bye, bye to Booboo Botox!

How Does Botox Work

To explain this Botox Gone Bad scenario, it is essential to understand how Botox Cosmetic works. Now I am not going to get too technical here, just enough for you to understand. Botox is a neuromodulator drug widely used to treat wrinkles, primarily dynamic wrinkles or expression wrinkles. The pesky wrinkles appear from facial expressions like smiling or squinting but fade when the expression stops.

When injected properly, Botox Cosmetic blocks signals from the nerves and relax the muscles responsible for fine lines and wrinkles, reducing these dynamic wrinkles and preventing them from becoming static wrinkles.

Pila, How Does A Droopy Eye, Droopy Eyebrow Occur From Botox

I hate to use the terms inexperienced or experienced injectors, as when many hear this, they think… Ok, I will screen my injector and ask questions like: “How long have you been doing this or how many patients have you performed this treatment on” and if it is a lot, they’re experienced. While this is an important question, Botched Botox usually happens because an injector did not pay attention or is not knowledgeable about the facial anatomy and the proper injection placements of Botox.

A common occurrence is when too many units of Botox are injected at once. Either for forehead wrinkles or between the eyes (those pesky 11’s just above your nose). If you are getting injections in your forehead, it can result in over-relaxation of the frontalis muscle. Or something more severe, like what happened to Whitney Buha, with an actual droopy eye, where some of the Botox seeped into the upper eyelid and paralyzed the levator palpebrae — the muscle that holds the upper eyelid up. If this muscle is paralyzed, the upper eyelid will droop.

There are some other reasons for this bad Botox side effect, including when:

• Botox is improperly diluted
• Wrong-site of injection
• Improper evaluation during consultation
• One size does not fit all, so using a standard dose could overtreat or undertreat a muscle
• Post-procedure advice is not followed, causing Botox to spread to other areas

What To Do If You Think You Have A Droopy Eye Or Eyebrow From Botox

Botox treatments can cause the brow to descend, causing crowding of the upper eyelids, giving the appearance of a droopy eyelid. So, the first thing you want to do is wait 14 days to ensure you are genuinely experiencing eye drooping. The reason is that it can take up to 14 days to see the full effects of Botox.

Ways To Treat A Droopy Eye Caused From Botox

Option 1: More Botox: What? I know when you hear that option, your first thought is probably, no way! However, sometimes injecting Botox into the Orbicularis Oculi muscle (the muscle that wraps around the eye to close it) can help the eyebrow lift without affecting the movement of the eyelids.

Option 2: Prescription eye drops such as apraclonidine (Iopidine) can help if the eyelids are drooping, not the brows.

Option 3: Try using some high-performance perfecting serums like Retouch from Intraceuticals.

Retouch takes a targeted approach to sculpt, define and accentuate a lifting effect of facial contours and a rejuvenating appearance around the eye contour, helping to minimize some issues from Botox. As well as delaying your next Botox appointment!

Two recommended skincare products for botched botox that I carry at Heaven On Earth Aspen are the Retouch “Eyes” and Retouch “Lift” serums.

Retouch Eyes Serum

This powerhouse peptide serum will leave your eyes looking fresh and rejuvenated, just what you need after some Boo Boo Botox. This serum is fantastic at:

• Blurring out crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye contour
• Providing firmer, smoother, brighter-looking skin
• Boosting collagen, stimulating epidermal renewal, and suppling essential moisturization leading to the improved texture of delicate skin around the eye contour.

Retouch Lift Serum

This is a must-have anti-sagging powerhouse with gravity-defying peptide power! I love that this product offers a rapid and long-term lifting effect that enhances essential skin components for a more sculpted appearance. It also:

• Recharges the skin energy and boosts collagen
• Offsets the decline of Hyaluronic Acid levels
• Holds moisture in the skin, fighting against dehydration and wrinkles

Option 4: Find another alternative aside from Botox for younger-looking skin.

One frequent concern I hear from my guests at my Heaven on Earth Day Spa: “Pila, I want to look younger, but I don’t want Botox or to go under the knife of a surgeon.” Understandably as there are many reasons why including risks of complications and botched results like Whitney Buha experienced.

So, how can you achieve younger-looking skin without having to get Botox? With my Heaven on Earth Aspen Skin Solutions Three Week Online Class.

Now, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill skincare classes but rather actionable tips, products, and resources to help you develop your own personal skincare routine that you can continuously keep up within the safety of your own home.

Pila’s Takeaway

While this Botox mishap has made some people uneasy about getting Botox Cosmetic injections, it is essential to remember that Botox is not the problem. Like a lousy paint job, the paintbrush and paint are not the problems; it’s a terrible painter. So if you feel that Botox injections are a good fit for your needs, make sure that you do your research and have chosen someone reputable and experienced.

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