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Nodpod Eye Mask - Silk

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Color – Pink

Drift into Dreamland with Nodpod Eye Mask - SILK: The Weighted Blanket for Your Eyes


The Nodpod Eye Mask - SILK is a luxurious eye mask that combines the power of deep touch pressure with the softness of 22 Momme Mulberry Silk on one side and soft-touch velvet on the other. 

This innovative eye mask gently melts away stress, calms your mind, and soothes headaches as you drift into deep, restful sleep


Experience the benefits

  • Effortless relaxation: Gentle weight melts tension, calming overactive minds and promoting deep sleep.

  • Soothing comfort: 100% natural silk pampers your skin, offering a cool and breathable touch.

  • Customizable comfort: Four microbead pods contour to your face, targeting key pressure points for optimal relaxation.

  • Strap-free design: No more uncomfortable straps, just pure, peaceful comfort.

  • Easy care: Machine washable for effortless maintenance.

  • Thoughtfully designed: For all sides of sleeping. Side, Back and Stomach sleepers!

More than just a sleep mask, though:

  • Perfect for meditation: As a meditation eye mask it will enhance your mindfulness practice with gentle pressure on your brow.

  • Headache relief mask: Melt away tension headaches and soothe migraines.

  • Travel companion: Compact and lightweight, perfect for naps on the go.

  • Unique gift: Share the gift of relaxation with loved ones.


More than just sleep, it's a self-care ritual. Give yourself the gift of serenity and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Shop Nodpod Eye Mask - Silk today and unlock the power of a peaceful night's sleep.

    the Nodpod Eye Mask - Silk in a soft pink  is avaiable at heaven on earth aspen
    a woman sleeping on her side with the Nodpod Eye Mask - Silk in soft pink from heaven on earth
    the Nodpod Eye Mask - Silk in pink is wrapped around a woman&