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Nodpod Body Blanket

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Color – Grey

Nodpod Body Blanket: Escape Anxiety & Melt into Sleep Bliss


Tossing & turning all night? Anxiety got you wired? The Nodpod Body Blanket is your one-stop shop for slumber sanctuary. Unlike traditional weighted blankets, this revolutionary single-layer design delivers cooling breathability, preventing overheating and ensures a comfortable deep sleep

Nodpod Weighted Body Blanket Benefits


  • Drifting off under a gentle cloud, worries melt away like snowflakes.


  • Luxuriously soft, breathable jersey cotton caressing your skin.


  • Deep pressure therapy gently hugs you, easing anxiety and stress.


  • Waking up refreshed, ready to conquer your day.




The NodPod Blanket Details



  • Reversible design: Cool jersey cotton on one side, cozy microfleece on the other.


  • Soothing pressure: Experience a calming embrace that melts away tension, easing anxiety and promoting deep sleep.


  • Microfleece warmth: Snuggle up on chilly nights for ultimate comfort.
  • 6.5lbs of Non-Scented Serenity: Feel the calming pressure of 6.5lbs of hypoallergenic, fragrance-free glass beads gently hug your body, promoting relaxation without any unwanted scents.



More than just a blanket, it's a sleep revolution. Order your Nodpod weighted blanket today and unlock the secrets to anxiety-free, restorative sleep.

    NodPod Body Blanket in Bone at heaven on earth
    NodPod weighted blanket in elephant at heaven on earth
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    the nodpod weighted blanket in onyx at heaven on earth