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Avec La Vie

Avec La Vie Fantastic Being deck

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Discover the magic of nature and awaken your wildest dreams with the Avec La Vie Fantastic Being deck. 


This stunning collection of 57 cards is more than just an oracle; it's a portal to a fantastical realm where mythical creatures whisper guidance and ignite your imagination.


Ethereal beauty meets profound wisdom

Each card is a mesmerizing masterpiece, hand-drawn with delicate pen and ink and vibrant watercolors. From the wise spirit owl to the mystical griffin, these whimsical beings leap off the page, inviting you to connect with the magic within.



Manifest your desires with the Avec La Vie Fantastic Being deck

Beyond their captivating artwork, these cards hold powerful messages that inspire and empower. Dive into uplifting affirmations and insightful prompts that guide you on a journey of self-discovery and dream manifestation. Whether you seek creative inspiration, a boost of confidence, or a deeper connection to the natural world, the Fantastic Being deck is your compass.



More than just a deck

This is an experience. Shuffle the cards and let intuition guide you. Draw a single card for daily guidance or lay out a spread to unlock deeper insights. Each reading is a unique adventure, a chance to tap into the wisdom of ancient lore and weave your own tapestry of magic.



  • 57 stunning watercolor illustrations of ethereal creatures
  • Uplifting messages to inspire creativity and self-discovery
  • A powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth
  • Perfect for artists, writers, and anyone who seeks to cultivate a sense of magic and wonder in their life


    Order your deck today and let the Avec La Vie Fantastic Being deck guide you on a journey of creativity, transformation, and personal growth.

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