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Glymed Plus

Glymed Plus Hydrating Masque

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Dry, dull skin is a thing of the past with the Glymed Plus Hydrating Masque. (Formerly known as the Ultra Hydrating Enzyme Masque). This decadent, luxurious masque firms and tightens while it exfoliates the skin.

Specially formulated to quench your skin's thirst, the Glymed Plus Hydrating Mask revitalizes, leaving you with a radiant, dewy complexion. Packed with nourishing ingredients, it's a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a luminous glow.

It's a must-have to rehydrate and renew your skin after tough activities like skiing, hiking, or swimming.

Glymed Plus Hydrating Enzyme is for:

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines - Retinyl Palmitate and calendula lessen the first signs of aging.
  • Pores & Texture - Allantoin, papaya, bromeline refine skin leaving it smooth and soft.
  • Dryness - Glycerin, aloe, squalene and hyaluronic acid restores dry skin.


Pila’s Tip: Don’t be shocked by this masque’s Wicked Witch of the West green color. Its duo hydrating and exfoliating actions are excellent for use on your dry, chapped lips.

Revitalize your skin with GlyMed Plus Hydrating Masque – the ultimate hydration boost your skin deserves! Don't miss out on the radiant glow – Glow now. Click to experience the difference!

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    Glymed Plus Ultra Hydrating Masque