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3rd Ritual

3rd Ritual Bel Candle

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The 3rd Ritual BEL Candle is a mindful companion for your meditation journey. Three brass pins that chime like gentle gongs mark time's passage and invite you deeper into the present moment.


Hand-dipped candles of pure coconut wax are infused with calming essential oils of palo santo, French Lavender, and sage to set the stage for deep introspection.


But the specialness lies in the brass pins. Let the pins be your anchors in the sea of thoughts. Customize your meditation, setting intentions with each pin, finding focus in the countdown, and receiving gentle chimes that guide you back to the present.


The BEL Candle is more than a timer. It's an experience

  • Handcrafted brass candleholder: Made in India using ancient techniques, its timeless beauty adds a ritual touch to your space.
  • Sustainable coconut wax: Burns clean and long, filling your environment with natural fragrance.
  • Three essential oil blends: Palo Santo's grounding warmth, French Lavender's serenity, and Sage's cleansing energy.
  • Set your own pace: Place the pins wherever you wish, creating mindful intervals of 5 to 115 minutes.
  • A gift for yourself or the mindful at heart: The BEL invites you to slow down, breathe deep, and find peace in the quiet moments.

The 3rd Ritual BEL Candle Includes:

  • A solid brass candleholder handmade in India using traditional casting techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.
  • Three hand-dipped coconut candles, infused with essential oils of palo santo, French lavender, and sage; and matches to light them.
  • Three solid brass pins to mark the passing of time.

Base: 90mm × 30mm

Candles: 6.5" long; 2 hour burn time

Pins: 20mm L × 5mm W


The 3rd Ritual BEL Candle is more than a candle. It's a portal to your inner sanctuary. Light it, listen, and let the quiet guide you home.


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    3rd ritual bel candle, with three brass pins to chime as they fall at heaven on earth in aspen
    3rd ritual bel box set three brass pins to gently fall and chime for your meditation at heaven on earth aspen
    3rd ritual bel candle at heaven on earth aspen