Tips To Rock Your Skincare Routine

Tips To Rock Your Skincare Routine

Pila Xian

Pila’s Tips To Rock Your Skincare Routine

With The 80/20 Rule 

Did you know that 80% of your skincare results are actually from your home skincare regimen? What? Yeah, I know you are probably a bit surprised to hear this, so let me explain this using the 80/20 law of the vital few.

I first heard of the 80/20 rule when I lived in Hawaii in the ’90s. I was talking with a friend who was a model and workout fiend and I was always trying to lose 10 pounds back then. She casually mentioned that it was 80% your diet and 20% working out to be a healthy weight. I was shocked, my diet had more of an impact than exercising?

Have you heard about this 80/20 concept regarding working out and your diet? That 80% of your results come from the foods you eat, and only 20% are from working out. I was blown away by this concept, and it’s something I’ve always kept in mind. Officially, it’s known as the Pareto principle, and you can apply it to anything in life, including the health of your skin and skincare goals.

Pila's Skincare 80 / 20 Rule

So, applying this principle to skincare, the most important factor in your skin looking its best is your routine at home. Yep, 80% of your results depend on your at-home skincare routine and 20% on professional skincare treatments. Yes, they BOTH play a vital role in healthy skin and it’s your daily routine that has the biggest impact affect.

While I recommend you see me either every four weeks or once a season for a professional skin care treatment, I’m going to say it again, you want to be using your skincare products twice daily at home.

For those in your 20s and early 30s, It could be alright to see me once a season. Seeing me once a month is ideal for those in their 40s and beyond.

In your facial, this is why I stress the importance of having the best skincare routine at home. Knowing the 80/20 rule now makes more sense to you, doesn’t it? And I’m not just trying to sell to you. Like anything in life, the key here for it to be successful is quality and consistency.

Cool, That Was Easy To Understand, Right!?

Now that you understand this 80/20 skincare concept, how can you make it work for you? With a great at-home skincare routine, of course! And I can help with my Cosmeceutical Skincare Sets created with this concept in mind.

Tips To Rock Your Skincare Routine

With the 80/20 Rule

Pila’s Cosmeceutical Skincare Sets Just For You!

When it comes to your 80% at-home skincare routine, Cosmeceutical products (professional strength cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients that enhance skincare efficacy) are what is needed. They have a high level of active ingredients that play a vital role in skin health, helping to strengthen and improve your skin between professional treatments.

I have hand-selected some of the best skincare products for these skincare sets! Which will help improve skin health and repair damage that causes specific skin conditions and visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of collagen, hyper-pigmentation, and more.

When it comes to your at-home skincare, the best results will be achieved when using professional strength products  recommended by a skincare professional (that’s me). The earlier you adopt a professional-grade skincare routine, the sooner you will see results!

AnteAGE 2 Step MD System

Growth Factors, plus 21 other active ingredients

Kick your skin into gear with this system, it teaches the skin to behave! Growth factors are the newest innovation in skincare to help the skin look younger and act younger, naturally.

It’s not a surprise why this is one of my best-selling items.

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Pila's AnteAGE Home Microneedling System with MD Travel Size Set

AnteAGE Home Microneedling System With MD Travel Size Set

The treatment utilizes stem cell growth factors and CIT therapy

This top-rated AnteAGE set fuses micro-needling technology through its microchannel roller with the benefits of advanced skincare products to completely revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, all in the comfort of your own home.

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The Gua Sha Set

It’s the needle-free alternative for Botox, under-eye injectables, and a lift all in one set!

This Gua Sha set stimulates blood circulation, promotes detoxification, and relaxes those tense facial muscles that cause wrinkles while helping to reduce that excess or saggy skin.

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Hush And Hush Luxury Beauty Supplements

Luxury Beauty Supplements

Hush And Hush
A breakthrough in the world of wellness
Beauty starts from within. Are YOU ready?

All Hush & Hush formulas support the body’s natural defense and regenerative powers with a unique combination of scientifically proven CLEAN clinical vitamins, herbs, and botanicals. Resulting in luxury nutraceuticals for the mind, body, and soul!

No fillers, Fillers, Additives, Artificial Flavoring, Artificial Coloring, Gelatin or Bulking Agents

SkinCapsule BRIGHTEN+

Packed with ingredients to give you brighter, more even-toned skin. Saberry powder is added to regulate melanin production, Lutemax is added to provide discoloration protection and Skin Ax2 is added to brighten and illuminate the skin.

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SkinCapsule HYDRATE+

Hyaluronic acid capsules plump the skin from the inside out. This supplement promotes healthy, dewy skin, fine line and wrinkle reduction, and overall heals your skin!

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SkinCapsule CLEAR

Packed with ingredients to promote clear, blemish-free skin. Vitamin A, Zinc for acne, Pantothenic Acid & Turmeric are the perfect combination to achieve healthier skin!

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