Spa Etiquette 101

Spa Etiquette 101

Pila Xian

Everything you wanted to know about your massage experience but were afraid to ask.

I know what you’re thinking: Should I leave my underwear on or take them off? I’m referring to when you have to disrobe before a massage, of course. You’re not the first person to wonder and you’re certainly the last one to ask. Here are the answers to those spa etiquette FAQs about getting nude and more:

Should I take all my clothes off, or leave something on? Will I exposed?
It really, truly is up to you and whatever you’re most comfortable with. Just keep in mind that if the body part is covered we can only do compression so as not to get oil on your clothes. Guys, if you’re going to keep your undies on, it’s better to wear briefs than boxers. Boxers cover more of the hamstrings (back of legs) meaning there’s less space to work on. Ladies, your bra straps can be hard to work around, especially if you need a lot of neck and shoulder work. I was trained extensively in learning to drape properly and cover you as we work on different areas of your body so your private parts will never be exposed.

Is it okay if I wear makeup to my facial?
It’s not like you’re going to the dentist and need to brush your teeth beforehand. Whether you have makeup on, it doesn’t matter at all to me. I would never go anywhere without my makeup, and it’s part of your facial experience to have me take it off.

What if I didn’t shave my legs beforehand? Will my stubble gross you out?
So many times women will sheepishly say they forgot to shave and it’s not even something I would ever notice as I massage you. Definitely don’t ever stress about that, the whole point is to relax during your massage!

What if I fall asleep during my massage?
No worries at all. it’s your massage and you get to decide how you want to enjoy it. I don’t even mind if you snore.

What if my stomach growls?
A gurgling stomach is the truest signal you are truly in a resting, parasympathetic state. That’s not your lunch gurgling … it’s your body and your brain truly turning off.

Should I leave a tip if the massage therapist is also the owner?
Let me ask you this: Who wouldn’t want a couple extra bucks? Some guests ask me if the tip is included (which in my mind is another way of saying they don’t really want to tip). Honestly, it really doesn’t matter to me. I would rather you buy some products you can use at home or spend a little extra for an enhancement if that makes your massage or facial even more divine or effective. If you don’t have extra money to tip, consider writing a public review. Probably the #1 reason new clients come to me is because of all the great reviews people have written about Heaven on Earth online. Customer satisfaction—you can’t put a price on that.

Pila Recommends: Try to arrive ten minutes early for your massage so you have time for a bathroom break, a cup of tea, and a little time to unwind before you begin.

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