Rolling Into The New Year With Self Care — Everything You Need To Know About At-Home Microneedling

Rolling Into The New Year With Self Care — Everything You Need To Know About At-Home Microneedling

Pila Xian

Heaven on Earth is about to be your favorite spa. Why? Because I’m giving you permission to ditch your New Year’s Resolution and get your at-home Microneedling Rolling Kit instead for self-care January. Did you know there’s an actual date that’s unofficially known as “Ditch New Year’s Resolution”? Yep, It’s January 17. 

Here’s A Super Quick History Lesson

The New Year used to start on the spring equinox, in March. Now it’s making sense, right? All our common sayings, spring cleaning, out with the old, in with the new, all went with the new year— in Spring! I just learned that too.

So you see, winter isn’t the time for new resolutions or for starting new exercise regimens – it’s actually a time to hibernate, eat yummy comfort food and take care of yourself. Permission granted to jump onto your couch and binge watch Netflix – I’m watching Apple Tree Yard on Hulu.

Spring’s the time of year to start new year’s resolutions. Are you really going to stick to a running regimen in January? Brrrr—it’s definitely too cold out there for me. Doesn’t it make sense to start a fitness program in the Spring?

So It’s Self-Care January, Not New Year, New You January

Now that we’re clear that we’re focusing on self-care instead of hard to stick to resolutions — let me tell you about my AnteAGE At-Home Microneedling Kit. Are you in?

What Exactly Is At-Home Microneedling?

• At-home microneedling uses a specially designed roller to create teeny, tiny (i.e., micro, get it?) channels in the skin from Nano-sized sterilized needles
• It’s an advanced skin technique that stimulates the top layers of skin
• It releases your skin’s natural growth factors (your skin’s native regenerative proteins) to encourage the building blocks of your collagen and elastin — does that get a yay!
• It feels like a cat licking you – not like you’re sticking thousands of tiny pins in your face

Why Would I Want To Do This, Pila?

I’m so glad you asked because microneedling:

• Lessens fine lines and wrinkles
• Improve overall texture and tone
• Diminishes pore size and discoloration
• Firms the skin, instantly!

How Often Should I Microneedle At Home?

I recommend needling yourself 2-3 times a week for maximum results. Start with once a week and gradually work up to your sweet spot, two or three times a week.

Heaven on Earth AnteAGE Microneedling Kit

What Do I Get With The Antage Home Microneedling Kit?

The AnteAGE Microneedling Kit comes with five, 2ml—vials of solutions with growth factors and a microchannel Roller (.25mm). Together, these create a powerhouse that synergistically works to activate your skin’s natural regenerative properties.

What’s The Big Deal About Growth Factors?

Growth factors are one of Heaven on Earth’s favorite ingredients because they act like conductors in an orchestra, they “direct” your cells and in this case, they tell them to act younger. Using a combination of hyaluronic acid and growth factors, the solution enhances your skin’s healing response, which means you’ll naturally look younger, more youthful, and glowing.

Who Can Do It?

That’s the beauty of microneedling, is that almost anyone can do it. You can even microneedle if you’re pregnant (one of the very few things pregnant woman can actually do). It’s even okay for women of color.

Here’s The Rundown Of Who Can’t Use It, Or Should Take Precaution

• If you’re on chemo/radiotherapy
• Moderate or severe eczema and psoriasis
• Blood dyscrasias – if you’re on anticoagulant therapies
• Extreme keloid tendency
• If you’re prone to cold sores, I’m sorry

Watch My Video To Learn More About Microneedling

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 Pila’s Microneedling Instagram Video

Purchase the AnteAge Microneedling Home Kit


AnteAGE Home Microneedling System

And get a Bonus Video where you can roll with me and see exactly what to do! 

Email Pila at and tell me heck yeah, I’m excited about self-care January, microneedling at home instead of new year’s resolutions.

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