Galentine’s Day Gua Sha Virtual Facial Lift Party

Galentine’s Day Gua Sha Virtual Facial Lift Party

Pila Xian

You’re Invited To A GALENTINE Gua Sha Virtual Facial Lift Party

Ladies, Let’s Treat Ourselves Because WE DESERVE IT!

At Heaven On Earth, I’m all about supporting women. That’s why I love the idea of celebrating Galentine’s Day on February 13th – the unofficial official holiday for ladies to celebrate their besties!

And who doesn’t love a little get-together, especially when it’s doing something fun with your girlfriends? This Galentine’s Day it’s all about pampering yourself with good company, and I’m here to help, with a Heaven on Earth Galentine Gua Sha Virtual Facial Lift Party.

About My Galentine Gua Sha Virtual Facial Lift Party

This 45-Minute Gua Sha Facial Lift Party is designed to teach you and your “gal pals” how to noticeably firm, lift and contour your faces, using a Gua Sha Stone in the comfort of your own home. (think of saying goodbye to those pesky smile lines, 11’s between the eyes, jowls, under-eye bags, sallow cheeks, and more).

Simply put, Heaven on Earth Gua Sha Galentine facial stimulates blood circulation and promotes detoxification, which relaxes those tense facial muscles that cause wrinkles while helping to reduce that excess or saggy skin. It’s the needle-free alternative for Botox, under-eye injectables, and a lift.

There’s no need to come to see me (even though I would love to see you in person) for a Galentine’s Day facial. Instead, I come to you with the magic of Zoom with my Gua Sha Virtual Facial, making this Galentine day fun and enjoyable.



Look At Everything My Virtual Gua Sha Facials Can Provide For You And Your Gal Pals

Botox Alternative For Wrinkles — No one loves getting injections in their face—What they love are the results. And Gua Sha has been touted as the Eastern Botox or the Eastern Facelift as this skincare treatment is both needle and knife-free.

Unlike Botox, which freezes the aging process by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. Gua Sha opens the pathway between the muscle and nerves, clearing any blockage, removing toxins, promoting drainage of cellular waste, boosting blood circulation, oxygen, and vital fluids to your face, plumping the skin, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. (pesky 11s and smile lines).

Visibly Lifts And Contours The Face — The Gua Sha movements allow for contouring the cheeks and jawline by boosting circulation and toned muscle, lifting your facial features.

Say Goodbye To Under-eye Injectables — Say good injectables, and under-eye puffiness since this treatment helps stimulate lymphatic drainage by releasing excess fluids that can cause your under-eye area to look swollen or puffy.

Gua Sha Improves Circulation — Why is this important, and what does it have to do with anti-aging? With improved circulation, the Gua Sha skin treatment helps carry away toxins and congestion, leading to facial improvements, like a smoother complexion, reduction in fine lines, even speeding up acne’s healing process.

Ready for the details? Here’s how you can plan the perfect Galentine’s Day spa night…

Step 1: Grab your gal pal(s); whether your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriends, or co-workers

Step 2: Book your virtual Galentine party. Depending on how many girlfriends you invite, I have two packages

    • Party is for a group of 4 or more
    • Less than 4, opt for multiple one-on-one’s and combine the party into one

Step 3: Save money on your Galentine party. Save 20% on the “Party” option or save 30% off the “One-on-One” Use promo code Valentine20 or Valentine30 respectively

What you’ll get

  • You deserve some relaxation — Start your Galentine’s Day celebration with a cocktail, or mocktail, recipe included
  • Be the “Hostess With The Mostess.” Each guest will receive a high-quality Rose Quartz, known as the “Love Stone” and a Green Envee Vahati Herb Infused Healing Oil 4 oz bottle
  • A video replay of the party so that everyone can give themselves an at-home Gua Sha facial anytime
  • My customized techniques to address under-eye issues, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes, uneven complexion, and lymphatic drainage
  • A cheat sheet with my 3 essential tips to get the best results from using a Gua Sha stone

Let’s connect

Give me a call if you have any questions at 970-925-2278. You can also schedule an appointment in person and virtually by using my Heaven on Earth Aspen online scheduler.

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