Heaven on Earth shares the Aspen summer skincare must-haves you need to pack for your holiday.

Aspen Summer Skincare Must-Haves

Pila Xian

Heaven on Earth shares their Aspen Summer Skincare Must-Haves to keep your skin glowing for your summer mountain adventures.

Do you ever wonder what skin care you should take on vacation? Especially to a place with unique weather like Aspen? Look no further! Keep reading for my Aspen summer skin care must-haves for your summer vacation.

Aspen summer skin care must-haves


  • Hydrating Toner: Airplane cabins and Aspen's dry air can wreak havoc on your skin. My favorite hydrating toner is Skin Script Cucumber Toner. It hydrates, sets makeup, and refreshes throughout the day. It's cooling mist is perfect for the plane, beach, and dry mountain air.

  • Brush-on Block Sunscreen: Remember sun protection! Aspen's high altitude means stronger UV rays. Did you know that for every 1000 feet in altitude, the sun is 6% stronger? That means that before you've even hiked Aspen Mountain, the sun is already 54% stronger! Brush-on Block sunscreen is an excellent option for easy reapplication throughout the day, especially for touch-ups over makeup.

Beyond the basics:

  • Freshen Up Your Space: I always travel with a small candle for a homey fragrance in my hotel or Airbnb.

  • Love Your Hair: A yoga hair clip like the Yoga Hair Clip keeps your hair out of your face while traveling, lounging, or even grabbing a quick bite.

  • Versatile Clothing: Pack clothes you can mix and match, like a comfy, pretty dress that transitions from day to night with different accessories and even be worn to bed!

Skip the Irritation: What to Leave at Home for Aspen

While you're packing your skincare essentials for Aspen, there are a few things you can leave at home. Since your skin will be adjusting to the drier climate, it's best to skip harsh ingredients that can cause irritation. This means giving retinol, strong exfoliators, and any other potentially sensitizing products a break. Instead, focus on gentle, hydrating formulas that will soothe and protect your skin, allowing it to acclimate to the new environment. You can always resume your regular routine once you're back home.

Aspen Pro Tip:

Schedule a facial with Heaven on Earth's sought after esthetician. Let Pila tailor a treatment to address your specific needs. Ensure your skin is selfie ready with the skinsational Dermaplaning Facial. 

Aspen awaits with its breathtaking scenery and mountain adventures! Packing the proper skincare is essential for keeping your skin happy and healthy throughout your trip.


Conquer the mountains and conquer your skincare routine with these Aspen Summer Skincare Must-Haves! Packing smart means enjoying a worry-free, radiant summer in Aspen.


PS! All these Aspen summer skincare must-haves and more are available at the Heaven on Earth online store and in-spa!


See you in Aspen!


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