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Avec La Vie

Avec La Vie – Nature Inspired Decks – Fauna Inspiration

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This first deck of the nature-inspired series, the Fauna Inspiration deck combines nature and sentiment to help you find your truth, nourish your heart, and love yourself.

Rebecca Lefebvre, the creator of the deck, believes these are the three most important ingredients for self-healing and growth. Each deck (Fauna Inspiration, Flora Healing, and Fantastic Being) are composed of 57 cards; each ethereally embodied using a unique pen and ink, watercolor technique. On the back of each card, is an inspiring message to accompany each image to encourage contemplation and self-awareness.

The Fauna Inspiration Deck is printed on a soft but thick felt paper like the watercolor paper used to create the decks. This decision was intentional. Rebecca’s hope is that it adds to your experience; prompting you to sink in, connect with the art and words, and be present in the moment. The descriptions on the back of each card have been written to be read slowly. Every word has been chosen carefully. Each sentence presents an opportunity for reflection, review, and insight. Singularly or together they offer prompts for considering your humanity: who you are, who you want to be, and how to be that human. Each deck strives to help you discover exactly what you need.


  • 57 full-color images on the front of each card
  • On the back, inspiring messages accompany each fauna
  • Sturdy two-piece, lid-off box for travel and safe storage
  • Card dimensions: 4.5” x 2.75”
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Avec La Vie – Nature Inspired Decks – Fauna Inspiration